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Spacecraft Plant "Energia" and Mission Control Centre

Cosmonauts Training Center

Star City tours and excursions. Cosmonaut training center in Moscow< World famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star city in Moscow region was founded in 1960. Surrounded of legends and fitted with special equipment Star city presents a huge interest for visitors. Offered by our company different programs of tours and excursions in Star city allow seeing with your own eyes how cosmonauts are trained and prepared, to visit large hydro laboratory, to check your endurance in trainings on Centrifuge, put on spacesuit and taste space food.

Baikonur Cosmodrome

We offer you a unique opportunity - carry on tour on manned and non-manned launches of space ships from cosmodrome Baikonur. This exclusive program presents you unforgettable feelings and emotions. Youll see with your own eyes assembly buildings and launch pads of cosmodrome, youll take part in all the main stages : to the launch of the spacecraft: from roll-out of the rocket, international press conference of main and backup crew, farewell of cosmonauts to cosmodrome, official crew report to the launch of the spacecraft. Feel the pre-launch excitement. Final point will be incredible show launch of spacecraft!

Star city

Flights: MiG-29

To fly on supersonic speed, to see the Earth from towering height, to feel velocity and flight dynamics its not necessary to be a professional pilot to experience all that! Our company offers you an incredible opportunity to carry out the flight on modern supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 with performance of higher aerobatics.

Flights: L-39

Our company offers you breathtaking flights on high-performance jet trainer aircraft L-39 Albatros. Its advantages are that it is considerably easy to fly and at the same time with all types of aerobatics possible.

Flight training program

Training, acquisition of piloting skills If youre willing to fly a jet airplane, if youre not limited in time and money, you can have a training course on piloting a jet. After you finish the training program youll be granted a flight certificate confirming your qualification to fly a jet.