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5 January 2019

Trip was enjoyable. I learnt a lot about Russia through the guides, which was meaningful given it was my second trip back to Russia. I also like the combination of art, culture, history, scenery and technology (Museum of Cosmos). Turns out I actually enjoyed the Hermitage this time (good we got special tickets and did not have to queue), and my mum and I were really impressed with our exclusive tours of the Diamond Fund in the Kremlin and the Diamond Room in the Hermitage.

All arrangements went smoothly.

1) Train ride from Moscow to Novgorod was very pleasant and safe. We were glad you booked the cabin that allowed us to take showers!

2) Last day, the domestic flight out of St Petersburg to Moscow was delayed for 1 hour and 40 minutes! I was relieved that the pilot caught up, but got scared, as I realised we had to exit the terminal to go out to get our SQ boarding passes and re-enter the airport for the international flight. I had done an online check-in and showed the airport staff the screenshot of the boarding passes on my mobile phone but he did not approve it. But luckily you ensured the "flights were connected via the partner airlines" flights for Moscow to Singapore, so we actually made it for the international flight back. Better make sure next time again we are using partner airlines for such connecting flights, as I have tended to buy my own plane tickets of late.

Food was not an issue for me. Russian food is not that good to begin with, but we liked the home-cooked meal in Suzdal and also the lunch stop which the guide recommended opposite the Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad called Russkiy Dvorik. Food at Saint Petersburg was okay, Podvorie was not as good as I was expecting though the quantity was generous. Vodka tasting was fun and selection of vodka was good, food there was I think better than Podvorie. I enjoyed the food at Dr Zhivago (mentioned by Guide Natalie in Moscow), also went to Turandot which was excellent. I would have gone to Pushkin Cafe in Moscow if I had more time.

Lastly, here are comments on the guides and drivers from each leg:

Moscow airport pickup:

Guide Mariana: Helpful and friendly, driver was safe and also patient and friendly (forgot his name)

Moscow to Sergiev Posad:

Guide Natalie: Very knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and helpful. Good command of English. She was engaging with imparting stories about the Tsars and their lifestyle, very interesting to hear the descriptions inside the Kremlin Armoury museum on the stories behind the dresses, crowns and carriages used by the royal family. This was more fun than listening to very detailed descriptions of churches, I would say - more memorable. She was also very attentive and made sure she stayed with us and guided us all the way to board our train to Novgorod.

Driver Shant: Very gentlemanly, helpful, friendly, opened doors for us, helped carry our luggage to our rooms in Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel which was hard to find. He worked well with Natalie and was very pleasant to get along with.


Local Guide Nadia: Very enthusiastic, eager to share about Suzdal


Guide Dmitry: Knowledgeable and thorough in his descriptions. I most enjoyed the information on the trading routes and the history of Novgorod and the Millennium Statue of Russia

Driver: Don't know his name, did not seem to have communication with the guide nor us, you saw my comments above.


Guide Ina: Friendly, responsible, knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoyed my walk to Izborsk fortress and also enjoyed very much the Pscov caves monastery which was beautiful although the caves were not open to public.

Driver Max: Very gentlemanly, safe driver for long distance drive from Novgorod, helpful and friendly

Pscov to St Petersburg:

Guide Alla: Very engaging, experienced guide, very responsible, helpful and friendly. Good English, well-educated and deep thinking so she could tell me like Guide Natalie about the history of Russia to modern day.

Driver Maxim: Very safe driver for long distance travel, very kind and helpful to accompany me to buy a new charging wire cable after mine fell into the snow and short-circuited. My mum and I thought he was a very good boy, very pleasant, responsible, did not grumble at all although he drove for 11 hours straight and did not sleep when they came the first day to get us from St Petersburg.

So thanks very much for being a part of organising this trip. I think guides that can tell me much about a place make the place more meaningful, so I did enjoy this trip. Scenery was also excellent, as I already knew. Iconic restaurants like Turandot are fantastic for tourists to visit.

21 November 2018

Dear Elena-san

I just talked with ONUKI-san over phone.

He is very much satisfied with your service.

He reported me that you kindly often came to the GRP and supported ONUKI-san.

ONUKI-san appreciates your kind hospitality.

Thank you very much !

Michiko Kimura Ms.

27 September 2018

Thank you for your patience in crafting our trip! We had enjoyed the country tremendously, and largely due to the attentive arrangement you had prepared ahead of time. We particularly enjoyed the company of our guides; they were insightful, honest, knowledgable, attentive and generous. Extra kudos to:

- Alla the guide with driver Alexander in St Petersburg

- Inna the guide at Pscov

- Dimitri the guide in Novgorod

- Tatiana the guide and driver Dimitri to Vladimir

- Natalia the guide and driver Arton in Moscow

Re feedback, we have the following points for your future reference. They are all minor, but will be good to know:

- In Novgorod, we were greeted by Dimitri the guide as planned. By the end of the tour, he sent us off to free time. We were later picked up by a new guide to take us to the train station. With her, there was also another new person as her translator. While they were all professional, we were confused as we were passed from hands to hands. We were not sure who was going to show up next...

Similarly, upon arriving Moscow from Novgorod, we were picked up by Tatiana as planned. She took us to Vladimir, another guide came into the car and became our guide. Both guides were trying to lead and it was a bit comical to observe. We later figured out it might be an agreement with their local tourism union, but a heads up would have been helpful, less confusing and less awkward. Also we ended up doubling our tipping budget.

* * *

With that said, these are really just minor hiccups. In hindsight, they were funny memories. They did not make a dent to the wonderful experience we had. We really thank you very much for making this trip possible for us. Hope to travel with you guys again!

Vivian and family

24 September 2018

Thanks for your flexibility and accuracy, will talk with Teck for the improvements and send you our enquiry for the next year program soon

Сlaire Ho

Country Holidays

24 September 2018

Dear Veronica,

I am finally home again after a wonderful wonderful trip. Everything went perfectly - all flights, trains, connections, guides. And we saw all that we wanted to. I have spent many years reading about the Romanovs and to see the places that had only ever been described in a book was just magical. Every guide you arranged for us was excellent - they all went out of their way to find the thngs we wanted, and to arrange guided tours by local experts and then translate them. It was incredible. I stil can't believe it all happened. thank you so much


21 September 2018

Dear Veronica!

I’m about to leave Moscow for my flight back to Washington DC. I sit here not believing that I’ve seen places I’ve dreamed of seeing since I was 14 years old. Mikhail, Vadim and Alex were magnificent in every way. We saw more than we ever expected. We were taken such good care of the entire way.

I could write much more but if I did it would take you a long time to read! I am filled with memories that will need time to process. I will never ever forget this trip, and my thanks to you for putting it together.

With all my best wishes and thanks,

Next time Noreen and I look forward to meeting you.


4 September 2018

I cannot express in words to you ,what a positive image Russia left in our minds.

The people and the country are outstanding.You could be proud of your beautiful country.


3 September 2018

Dear Veronica,

We just arrived in boring London. We miss Russia already.

We are very impressed with Armand. he is an outstanding driver was very helpful getting us through the airport.

Please thank him for us.

Next time Noreen and I look forward to meeting you.



1 September 2018

Dear Veronica:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with Noreen and myself. Russia it is a hidden gem. We have looking forward to returning next year. We also appreciate Elena as a guide. She was good.



20 August 2018

Dear Elena-san

KAGEYAMA-san gave me a ringing a few hours ago.

He is very happy with this journey. Thank you very much !

With Kind Regards,

Michiko Kimura Ms.

Director of

BHB Co., Ltd.

19 July 2018

Dear Verónica

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service we have received during our stay in Russia. Everything was perfect. Please send my congratulations to the guides Yana (Moscow) and Polina (St. Petersburg)

Hope to visit Russia again soon!

Once again Thank you SPASIVA!!!

Patricia Goldszier

6 July 2018

Hi my dear Veronica

SPT was excellent - once we got through the immigration process, everything was smooth as always.

Lunch did scare me at Custom's House, but they were 4 delicious and small servings. All served within the hour without feeling rushed - exceptional and well received by guests.

Alla was excellent as usual.

My only issue was both coaches (or the same coach with different drivers) ad a water leak. We had this previously, at another stop - but the was coming through the lights and leaking onto the seats.

We could work around it though.

Thank you once again - I know the Silver Seas groups had to wait in line for considerable times to get into different venues where we skipped straight through - this was noticed by our guests and appreciated!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!!


Jo Taylor

19 February 2018


Just to tell you that clients came back VERY satisfied of their tour . Everything perfect, excellent Guide !

Many thanks for your cooperation and let’s hope for more clients soon !!

Diego ​

7 February 2018

Dear All

Just a few words to thank you all for the recent trip to UFA.

The flights and transfers all went to plan and we lost no one as the signs were in English and we being a small group we all stuck together as no one want to end up in the salt mines

The hotel was the usual high standard expected of TP tours but it did seem to suffer from a serious lack of other guests. During the days we were there I doubt if we saw another 30 guests ? but there was an Irish bar less than 50 yards away

The city tour and the guides were very good and the guides went out their way to be of assistance.

The racing was excellent (the best I have seen since I first when to ice racing in 1984) and well worth the hassle of applying for a Russian visa and I also managed to shock the women at the ticket office by asking for 10 programmes and not speaking Russian I took your reply to mean “ you nutter you know they are all the same”



11 December 2017

Hello Veronica

Our Clients the Lin Family are back, client called me, they are very happy with the tour, specially the Suzdal portion and the guide in St Petersburg, so once again thank you very much!

Best Regards

Claire ​

23 November 2017

Dear Veronica,

Everything was excellent ! we all had an great time. Driver / guide were perfect though the weather was not on my side.

I were busy to catch up my work, will summarize once I have time for my trip but definitely a lovely country and interesting to visit in winter time without crowd which I love most.

Eddy TAI

28 August 2017

Thanks Veronica!

All in all

the clients had a great time in Russia.

Thank you for taking good care of them and help me thank their guides too.​

Let's keep in touch and hopefully I can bring more business to you. :)

The vehicles are of excellent quality and it was great to have fresh bottled water in the vehicle daily.

Best Regards,

Xue Yun

9 August 2017

Hi Veronika

It was so lovely to meet you over the weekend! Thanks for dinner and thank you and the team for a great job, the guests were all so happy! The guides were all fabulous and the drivers.

Now yes, let’s think about 2018.



  31 July 2017

Dear Veronica,

I am just back in the office today (arrived Australia over the weekend).

It was so lovely to meet you, we really enjoyed the short time we had together and thank you again for all your help in putting together our trip to Russia.

I would like to give you our feedback - of course all positive.​

Guides - the 2 Elenas - both wonderful guides, devoted their time totally to our experience and enjoyment, in other words like some guides we have had previously they did not speak on their mobile phones during the tours and they always engaged us in conversation which was great on some of the longer trips outside of the cities. Their English is excellent as well as their knowledge. Please pass on my thank you to both guides.​

The vehicles are of excellent quality and it was great to have fresh bottled water in the vehicle daily.

Drivers were great, please can you thank our driver in Moscow who did everything possible to get us to DME Airport on time for our departure flight as there was a huge traffic jam coming out of Moscow which I have never experienced anywhere and he was awesome in getting us there on time.

We really loved our time in both cities, interesting, I think I preferred Moscow slightly and Ricky had a slight preference for St Petersburg but we loved both.

I look forward to working closely with you in the future.

Best wishes XX

Nikki Diamond

24 July 2017

Good morning Veronica,

It was great to finally meet you after all these years and better still in Moscow !!

Thank you so much for hosting Ricky & myself at the beautiful Bosco restaurant - we really enjoyed it as we have our entire stay in Russia. Our guides Elena & Elena have both been wonderful and shown us around LED / MOW expertly.

We look forward to reciprocating your kindness when you visit Australia. In the meantime we look forward to continuing our close working relationship.

Thank you so much.

Xx Nikki & Ricky.

  12 July 2017

Thanks Veronica.

Michele is now back and gave us a very good feedback of the journey.

Thanks for your always kind support.

All the best,​

Santiago Ramos​

Product Manager - Europe

7 July 2017

Hi Veronica

Thanks again for your and Elena's excellent touring organisation for our Captains Choice stay in ST P. We had great weather this year Missed saying goodbye to Elena. Thank her for me please.



  6 June 2017

Hi Veronica,

Hope you are well!

TI want to let you know that we have had a wonderful time in Moscow. Our guide was absolutely fantastic - knowledgeable, professional, friendly and overall a pleasure to be with.

Thank you for arranging the booking at the restaurant suggested last night. What a fabulous restaurant, the complimentary champagne on arrival was a lovely gesture and lovely surprise. Thank you again! ​

All in all our experience in Moscow will be quite memorable!! ​

We look forward to the next part of our next adventure in St Petersburg. I think the address for the hotel has been sorted - can you confirm this please?​

Have a lovely day.​

Cheers ​

Linda & Ivan Moldovan​

31 May 2017

Dear Veronica,

Below is Teck comments on this trip. Please read it. Also, may I say thank you to all your team? Even this booking was challenging, we couldn’t proceed Russia booking without your arrangement! Please also help to say thank you to St. Petersburg operation Elena! I would love to use all guides again for my future booking.

Betina , Country Holidays ​

  24 May 2017

Hi Veronica,

Thank you once again for all the great help on the ground. I am sure this is probably the most fickle minded group that you ever handled. Can’t imagine how we would have done without you!! Spasiva!

Thank goodness we had 2 guides on the ground. The English guide to handle the logistic in getting the tickets, arrangement prior to our arrival to the site and the 2 Chinese guides concentrate on guiding. It all went well.

Teck from Country Holidays ​

18 May 2017

Dear Veronica,

Thank you very much for your wonderful work with all the arrangments for our owner - Rob McGeary.

He wrote me:

Thanks for making the arrangements for my travel to Russia.  It all went like clock work.

The DMC was excellent.  I met with Veronica in Moscow.

Drivers fine.  ST P guide Angelique was excellent.  Knowledge the best I have ever experienced, and I have seen a few guides in my time!

So I just wanted to share this great feedback also for you!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Best regards

Ludek Cipov

Director Contracts & Product Development Europe

  28 December 2016

Dear Veronica,

Best wishes to you and your team also. It is very re-assuring to know that we have such a reliable partner in Russia as yourselves.

All the best


4 December 2016

Hi Veronica,

I have arrived safely this morning

Anyway the client had a wonderful time in Russia, thanks for the whole arrangement. The both guides are excellent especially Elena in Moscow. She is a gem!

The audio guide in St Petersburg are really good, you may consider using it in Moscow in future for groups.

Have a great day!

Jessica Liew

  7 November 2016


Please forgive me for being so late in thanking for the wonderful services you provided the Grace Moe group in September. Particularly, many thanks for arranging for my driver for my late arrival in Moscow. I would have been a bit lost if there had not been someone there to meet me.

It was a tough weekend for Julia, trying to get around with so many streets blocked. She never lost us and she never lost her good humor. Thank you for giving us such a great guide.

The arrangements for the hotels, trains, drivers, meals, guides and visits to so many historical and beautiful places in both Moscow and St Petersburg could not have been better.

I will be happy to recommend your services to any of my friends planning to make a visit.

Thank you, thank you.

Kay R. Reed

26 October 2016

Dear Veronica,

A short note to say a big thank you for arranging the tour for all of us. A lot of patience from you dealing with our ever many questions. We have all enjoyed both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thank you for arranging the vehicle on the last day at Moscow (though I did tell Elena we do not need in the end:)) which we are appreciative with your gesture very much. All of us are safely home and I am back in the office this morning.

Connie Lai

Country Holidays

11 October 2016

Dear Veronica, so happy to hear from you! We are back in Beijing safe and sound, although there was a slight hiccup at the airport on our departure from Moscow. We queued at the passport control for a long time and when it was our turn, the immigration officer told us that we have to join another queue for people from Asia! We reasoned with her to say that it was written "passport control" on the top and nothing was said that the queue is just for European passengers, but the officer does not understand English and we have no choice but to rejoin another long queue elsewhere. Luckily we have enough time and we got on to our flight without further issues🙏. Yes, i heard from Luba that you were out of Moscow during the time we were there. It's a pity we could not get to meet up with you in Moscow. Luba and Ella are both great guides. Very knowledgeable, pleasant, considerate, friendly and patient. We like both of them. I especially love Luba for her patience and kindness in helping us take beautiful photos and for accompanying us patiently on our shopping trip on the last day. She is a real gem👍👍👍! Your itinerary was wonderfully planned and we enjoyed every minute of our visit to both cities. I just wish we could have more time in Moscow. But I am sure we will visit your beautiful country again some day in the future. And for all of my friends who wish to visit Russia, you will be the tour agency that I would highly recommend. Please convey our thanks once again to Alla and Luba, and to the drivers, Oleg and Alex, for making our visit to Russia so unforgettable! We have learned so much about the history of Russia in just a short visit! Thanks again Veronica for everything 🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘!

1 October 2016

Dear Veronica,

I didn’t get any details, but just heard that Ms. Neely was very happy with her trip, so another well done!

Thank you for everything.

Warmest regards,


  25 September 2016


I also want to mention particularly the work done by Helen in Petersburg. Everywhere we went, we had the top experts for our tours. We had the Chief Curator in the Faberge Museum, the Chief Curator in the Yusupov Palace, an outstanding art expert in the Russian Museum, on an on. Additionally, we loved the Tsar Restaurant, which I believe was a suggestion of Helen. We actually went back to that restaurant a second time on one of our free nights.

It is rare that a foreign visitor can have such access. We are deeply indebted to Helen for her outstanding contribution to our fabulous trip. Please be sure to extend our thanks to her, and of course, to Ludmilla.


  23 September 2016

Hi Veronica, the clients has got claimed from insurance company, thanks for all the supporting.

By the way, they were very enjoy the trip and glad to have the guide, she is very nice and perfational, they enjoyed very much, excpet the ship broken down.

They want to say thank you

Nina Du

Country Holidays

  23 September 2016

Dear Veronica,

I wanted to write to thank you for the superb arrangements for the trip to Russia. Everything went perfectly, and both Julia and Ludmilla were outstanding guides.We achieved everything we wanted to do, even though there were some obstacles thrown in our path, such as Moscow Days.

I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone I know who is planning a trip to Russia.

My very best , Grace Moe

  22 September 2016

Dear Veronica,

The trip to Russia was the event of a lifetime. Thank you.

I also wanted to convey Bolshoi appreciation to Julia and Ludmila - they are so talented, so wonderful and I can NOT imagine touring Moscow and St Petersburg with 2 more personal, more experienced and lovely guides.

Bolshoi Thank You.

Best, Rhonda

  15 September 2016

Hi Veronica,

Just to let you know on the feedback we received from Lily Tai.

I have to say that your service is excellent and always prompt, and accommodative to our requests especially in this case when the clients really needed more attention than the usual clients. J Thank you very much for making this trip work well.

Best Regards,


  31 August 2016

Dear Veronica

Our group back from Russia of your company's service always have good response, so we do not worries about your company to handle the tour. July group is the same, Mr. Yeung is very satisfied for your service there.


  30 August 2016

Hi Elena,

Just dropping you a line to say that we arrived back in Singapore safely! Sleep was almost impossible despite the business class seats, and as expected, we are now taking quite a while to get our body systems back into the everyday routine. Age has definitely got something to do do with it, as it was never a problem before!

We would like to thank you again for making our 3 - days stay in Moscow such a memorable and interesting one! Moscow is truly a vibrant city with its magnificent churches and cathedrals, and with people who are friendly and helpful. We will always have good memories of the various cities we visited on the Trans-Siberian Express route, and it has given us a fantastic insight into the Siberian and Mongolian way of life! It will be a trip we will always be talking about to our friends.

Thank you again for helping us through the customs - and again, for looking after us so well during our stay! We wish you a most successful and rewarding career - you make an excellent ambassador for your country!

Warmest regards,

Isabel and Anthony Cheong

  28 August 2016

Dear Veronica,

The group had a perfect trip and the Moscow excursion was fantastic. I wanted to share the news with you, thank you once again and best regards

Oscar Plans

  24 August 2016

Dear Veronica

I just received an email from Mr Filippone who said the trip was fantastic! Loved the hotel, loved the guide.

Thank you for a great job.


  23 August 2016

Hello Elena

I wish to thank you and your company for looking after my group while we're have been visiting Moscow and St Petersburg. The coach drivers and guides have been excellent, so it has helped the group to enjoy their visit.

Lynn Hopkins

Travelrite international

  8 August 2016

First, thanks again. Through the help of you, Natasha and the super guides working in Vladivostok and Kamchatka, it was possible to fulfill a childhood dream (the word Kamchatka I had read somewhere in a book, and the nail was in his head).

Natascha did a great and perfect job. I must say I was skeptical at first. But the skepticism was gone when I visited in 2015 your travel agency. I equally feel good. It was a very good cooperation and the leap of faith on both sides was enormous.

Preparation and journey itself were perfect. No better way to do it ! Hotel Peter-1st is recommended. Good service.

Natasha met me and was a competent leader in the Kremlin. She brought me to the train and walked until I checked in.

The train ride was an experience again. This time with new railway wagons. Gladly I would have gone with the old one, a bit of nostalgia, I would also have enjoyed. The standard is of course much higher in the new wagons. You need no more conductor to open your compartment, for example. The train attendants were very pleasant, the train was super clean, especially in the toilets. In the dining wagon, there was nothing but good food and the staff of the dining car gave me always good guidance to Russian specialties. All very tasty and in the seven days schedule we also had a lot of fun in the dining wagon.

In Vladivostok I was surprised by Veronica. Not only that I got a very good historical overview, this woman was an expert on tigers, because her father had previously worked in Tiger scientifically and has even made a movie about it .

On Kamchatka I was in Lena's good hands. She also gave me valuable tips and told me at dinner again and again what the locals on Kamchatka eat and drink (unfortunately, there was often no Russian beer, mostly international, but there was Kwas!). I am happy to have followed this advice. Also she was very hardworking and helpful. On the excursion to the volcanoes we had added more attractions, who had not been in the initial program. Our driver this day was also very flexible and we had additional 9 hours of extra program. It was very stressful for all of us, but it was great!

A great experience. Only professional and friendly Russian super guides who worked a lot, led by a great program. In addition still the best weather!

Please communicate also your partners that I had a very nice and perfect trip through a beautiful country, and I learned a lot.

Thank you very much. This tour will stay in my mind . I am happy to tell my experience to all friends.

One thing more: For nearly 40 years I am traveling. I've never experienced that an agency asks after a trip, if everything was okay and if I arrived well at home.

There is a new journey " Moscow - river cruise - Petersburg " in my head. It would be nice if I could perform this plan with Natasha and you again. In Moscow I would visit your travel agency again .

My expectations were more than met !

See you again. Many greetings to Moscow!


  3 August 2016

Estimada Elena. Le escribo para agradecerle y felicitarle por la calidad de sus servicios.

Quiero destacar muy especialmente por las guías que, tanto de Moscú, ciudad mística y mágica, como en San Petersburgo, ciudad esplendorosa, fueron de gran calidad y paciencia. Tengo que confesar que soy un cliente un poco persistente ya que el entusiasmo muchas veces me superaba. Fueron las guías de gran inteligencia, cultura generosidad y PACIENCIA. Me gustaría que les transmitiera mi agradecimiento,

Por favor si usted o alguna de ellas vine por Chile, hágamelo saber para atenderlas como se merecen. Reciba un gran abrazo de;

José Aldunate Menéndez

  5 July 2016

Dear Veronica

Good day!

Here was long weekend ( holiday on Jul 4th)

Cruise group's member so enjoyed the trip also they like tour guide very much! (Cindy WeChat me) Many thanks for your excellent service.

Best regards,


  20 June 2016

Вероника, добрый день.

Директор турфирмы написал теплое письмо нашей Фрау Мадлен Люти - туристы прислали восторженные отзывы о поездке, им все понравилось, особенно отметили работу гида! Шлют Татьяне пламенный привет!

Марина благодарит Вас отдельно - спасибо Вам огромное за Ваш профессионализм и Ваше терпение!


  19 May 2016

Dear Veronica

I just wanted to advise how very happy Mr and Mrs Mereine were with your wonderful service or guides, knowledge , detail they had during their time in Russia. Everything exceeded their expectations.

Thankyou so much for really looking after these clients – it makes my job much easier.

Until next time!!!

Kind Regards,

Michelle Adler

  4 January 2016

Bonjour Lena

Notre séjour à Moscou c’est parfaitement bien passé, merci!

Nous prenons le train tout à l’heure

Nous nous réjouissons de notre séjour à St P.



  30 October 2015

Hi Veronica,

Thanks very much for your email.

First of all, I would like to share the comments from clients.

1) Clients all speak highly about the guides, drivers, as well as the photographers. Specially one client commented their guide in Moscow & golden ring is very good. Maria??

Special thanks to their extra hours service!!

2) All hotels are very clean but some hotel rooms very small.

3) They said they’ve seen lots of Kremlins and churches, but can’t remember clearly what they are and actually in the end, they are quite confused about all of the churches. The program is more suitable for usual tourists, but not that friendly for photographing tours, which may require more time on photographing than tours.

4) Their impression for Russia is also good!

Nicole Li

  29 October 2015

Dear Veronica,

It was my pleaser too working with you. The services you provided were excellent so we will continue cooperation with your

Many Thanks & Best Regards,

Tatjana Lalic

Product Manager, European Department

  29 October 2015

Estimada Natalia, ya estamos de regreso en casa tras un largo día de viaje.

De nuevo quería darte las gracias por todo. Hemos pasado muy buenos momentos juntos. Hemos aprendido mucho gracias a tu manera de explicar y transmitir, con sensibilidad y emoción.

Me traigo muy buen recuerdo de Rusia, no me he sentido extranjera, sino como en casa.

Gracias por los ajustes que has hecho y por acompañarnos al museo Pushkin, por tratar de agradarnos en todo momento.

Un abrazo. Carmen

  21 October 2015

Dear all!

First of all I would like to congratulate you on success of the Silk Road tours both Eastbound and Westbound.

Thank you very much for hard work and excellent services provided along the route.

Best regards

Marina Linke


  20 October 2015

Доброе утро, Елена.

Хочу поблагодарить Вас за проделанную работу и внимание к специфике нашей компании.

Благодаря Вам все прошло замечательно в плане логистики и все остались довольны. Огромное спасибо водителям за внимание и работу.

Большое спасибо!

Diana Yakovleva

ILS Logistics

  17 August 2015

Hi Elena

A short word of thanks for sending us Olga, such a wonderful guide. Her knowledge and calm, friendly, professional, personality were beyond expectations. The group thought she was the best guide they had had and we were just blown away.

Many thanks and we will be putting in a very good report to Travelrite and a request for Olga to guide our group next year.

Kind regards

Cherie & Derek

ps. May I make a request Elena that you let me know when Olga's baby is born.


  29 July 2015

Chère Elena, bonjour,

Samedi passé nous étions invités chez nos amis Morard- Vous leur aviez organisé leur voyage à Saint Pétersbourg en mars, je crois. Nous ne les avions pas vu car ils avaient eu un tas de mariages, fiançailles etc. Mais nous savions qu’ils étaient enchantés de leur voyage. Néanmoins la conversation à table a vite tourné sur leur voyage et ils n’ont pas cessé de dire que c’était le plus beau voyage de leur vie. Surtout ils étaient enchantés de leur guide, charmante, parlant mieux le français qu’eux-mêmes, bref, nous aussi étions très contents. Merci pour vous occuper si bien de nos amis.

D’autre part, juste une question. Mon frère va beaucoup mieux et comme j’ai un anniversaire (70 ans) l’année prochaine, mon frère voudrait aller en Uzbékistan. Y avez-vous des relations ? C’est juste une petite question., rien ne presse.

Bel été et avec toute notre amitié à vous et à votre fille. Alain et Maud Gruber

  9 July 2015

Hi Veronica

Just a quick note to advise you that we found Elena to be an excellent guide. She was very knowledgeable and an extremely lovely person to be with. She was also well organized and we really enjoyed our 2 days with her.

Many thanks.

Antony and Sandy Hirschfield .

  13 April 2015

Вероника здравствуй!

Хотим поблагодарить тебя за супер организацию нашего тура!!!!!!!!

Я просто отдыхала в Москве!!!! Огромное спасибо всем девочкам, что работали снами!!!!! Я была очень рада познакомится с Леной и Ольгой.

Oost Europa Reizen , Belgium

Nataliya Ilinkova

  26 March 2015

Chère Madame,

Je vous remercie de votre message qui me confirme que le montant de votre facture de Euro 3286.-- a été réglée par ma banque et que la somme vous est bien parvenue.

Je n’hésiterai pas à reprendre contact avec vous à l’occasion d’un éventuel prochain voyage en Russie. De même, je ne manquerai pas de communiquer vos coordonnées à des personnes qui désireraient y organiser un voyage, si vous me le permettez. J’en ai déjà parlé avec des amis proches à Lausanne, qui seraient enchantés de visiter St Pétersbourg.

Veuillez agréer, chère Madame, mes meilleures salutations. C. Morard

  25 March 2015

Chère Madame,

De retour de notre voyage à St Pétersbourg, nous tenons à vous remercier du fond du cœur de toutes vos démarches et vous dire le très grand plaisir que nous avons eu. Tout était parfaitement organisé, les visites, les transferts, la guide merveilleuse et le chauffeur, sans oublier l’hôtel et toutes vos réservations.

Nous sommes rentrés enchantés et surtout nous avons été émerveillés par notre guide Nadia, par la qualité de ses explications, par l’étendue de ses connaissances, sa passion à nous les transmettre, son efficacité. De notre visite dans cette somptueuse ville, nous en garderons un souvenir lumineux. Grâce à vous à nos amis, Alain et Maud, nous avons été des touristes très très privilégiés et nous vous redisons toute notre reconnaissance.

Pouvez-vous m’informer de la bonne réception du montant de votre facture. Le versement depuis notre banque a été très compliqué, à cause de la situation politique actuelle et de l’embargo. La veille de notre départ, j’ai dû signer une procuration auprès de la banque pour autoriser le versement de cette somme à votre intention, sans qu’aucune garantie de paiement me soit confirmée. J’ai hâte de recevoir votre réponse.

Recevez, chère Madame, nos meilleures salutations. Carmen et Dominique Morard

  20 January 2015

Dear Veronica,

Now that I have returned to the office, I wanted to let you know that the Gore Family had a wonderful time during their short stay.

Thank you so very much for all that you and your team did for them.

Working with you, as always, is a pleasure and I believe that now we have a new booking to work on which I will be back in touch with shortly

Kind Regards

Ginette Peterfreund | Travel Manager

  25 July 2014

Good Morning Veronica - I hope you are keeping well.

Following the Travel Plus trip to Moscow/Samara and as promised, I am writing to you in respect of the help and assistance that Helen Konovalova gave to us whilst in Samara.

As you know the trip did not run quite a smoothly as we would have wished, however Helen was incredibly supportive and professional in her dealings with the clients as well as helping us communicate with the various officials we came across during our travels. In particular Helen's help at the airport on our return journey to Moscow was invaluable and she stayed with us until the last person had been checked in, ensuring that any problems we encountered we dealt with speedily helping us to make the flight, which I don't believe we would have done had it not been for her persistence.

Please would you pass on our thanks to Helen, we really did begin to think of her as a member of the group and I hope she realises how much she was appreciated!

With best regards

Clare Dunn

  18 July 2014

Good morning , dear Veronica

The group is on its way to the beach resort of Samara.

Just a quick...most very sincere...thanks for all your help with the visas.

It worked like a dream.....entirely down to your expertise



  7 July 2014

Dear Veronica,

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful guided tour in St. Petersburg. Everything worked well and smooth!

Thanks and Best regards,


  7 July 2014

Dear Veronica

Just spoke with Anne King (at length) about her trip. The feedback on your guide in St Petersburg Natasha was brilliant, they were very impressed with all your services J.

Thanks and Regards!

Heidi Mason

  27 June 2014

Елена и Вероника!

Хочу выразить Вам огромную благодарность за организацию интересного пребывания наших гостей в Питере.

Им все очень понравилось!

Хороших Вам выходных.


 20 June 2014

Dear Veronica

On behalf of my wife, Genie and I, I wish to thank you sincerely for organizing such a wonderful visit for us to St Petersburg.

We enjoyed every second!

Our guide, Angelina, was outstanding in showing us so much of the splendor of the city and its palaces, cathedrals, museums and other highlights. Apart from being delightful company, Angelina took us to many places above and beyond those on the schedule and frequently was still with us after the planned end to the day's proceedings. For example on Tuesday, in response to our query, she took us back to Nevsky Prospekt via the Metro to show us several especially grand and stylish stations. And yesterday when we were departing for Sweden, Angelina came with us into the airport terminal and guided us through the confusing check-in process. We only have the highest praise for her.

Our heads are still spinning with images of the magnificent artworks and architecture of the city. We had not realized the immense scale and grandeur of this special city.

In addition our hotel, Petropalace, was excellent as was the food and the service of restaurants we visited.

Thank you again! This has been a holiday we will never forget!

With best wishes,

Tony Scott

  19 May 2014

Hi Veronica,

Firstly a big thank you for organising the Russian land arrangements for the Lipshut family – all went extremely well, the guides and transport were excellent – they had a wonderful experience and for this I send you a big thank you. In their words the ground programme was faultless and the guides (Natalia in LED and Ellena in MOW) were brilliant.

I look forward to hearing from you and of course to working together again.

Best regards

Nikki Diamond

 4 February 2014

Dear lady...

Thank you so much for everything.

Today we have had calls and emails thanking us for a FABULOUS weekend.

All praise is really for you and your team.

we are truly most grateful for everything


Thank you again


Travel Plus Tours

  16 January 2014

  30 October 2013

Dear Elena

They are very happy the group so thank you

Special thanks belong to the guide who was absolutely brilliant. Good story teller. AND we found what we were looking for from the first stop in the city. Excellent.



BCD travel Denmark

  29 October 2013

Dear Yulia and Veronica,

Hi Veronica,

I've just heard back from Janelle who was very happy with the Moscow/St Petersburg tour arrangements.

She said "the train and golden ring programs were excellent".

I suspect she might add some more details in due course... and will

forward any relevant comments for your interest.

Kind regards,


  29 July 2013

Dear Veronica,,

I am sorry for not emailing you earlier but we only arrived home 2 days ago after visiting Croatia and Singapore.

I had planned to email you to say what a wonderful time we had in Moscow. Irena was an excellent guide - she was friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable and we enjoyed our time with her very much.

We are so pleased to have visited Moscow - it is an amazing city full of incredible history, beautiful buildings, friendly people and has such a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere. We hope to come back again one day.

Thank you for planning us a fantastic tour program, it all worked very well and we will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is going to Russia.

Warmest regards,

Liesl Brogan

  19 July 2013

Dear Yulia and Veronica,

I would like to let you know that the Smalls and the Chengs were very complimentary about their guides in Moscow & St. Petersburg – Iana & Elena. They thought the guides to be extremely knowledgeable on various aspects of art, history and culture, well –educated and very accommodating.

I appreciate all your hard work and assistance with their file. MANY THANKS to you both. You are the BEST!

Natasha Tichy

  19   March  2013

Большое спасибо за предоставленный трансфер!

И отдельно хотела бы поблагодарить Александра.

С уважением,

Leila Chekvatadze, Sales Executive Marriott Moscow Tverskaya Hotel


  25 February 2013

Hi Ines

As always a big thank you for your prompt response and for your help with everything. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Kind Regards

Michael Maddison
Logistics Manager

Accelerating business insights through In-Market Immersion

  16 January 2013

Dear Ines
I hope this reaches you. If not, could someone re-direct it to you.
It is Mike and Gloria Symons from Australia. We had the pleasure of having you look after us in Moscow in November.
We just wanted to thank you and the guide (I think her name was Ella) for giving us such a wonderful time in Moscow and throughout Russia. It is a time we will never forget. We would also like to express our appreciation for the bottle of wine and platter of fruit delivered to us when we boarded the Sapsan for St P.
Again, thanks for all the wonderful memories you gave us. We feel that we haven't seen all of Russia yet.

Kindest regards for 2013
Mike and Gloria Symons.


  16 October 2012

Dear Ines

My holidays are over and I got back to work yesterday.

Off course immediately very hectic again.
It was very nice meeting you in Moscow and I enjoyed my time there very good.
Thanks for your assistance and organsing it all.
I hope to work more with you and Krugozor in the future.
Kind regards and hope to see you again,
Michel Hermans.

  29 September 2012

Lisa Duke :

I’ve just returned from a fabulous trip in Russia with my mom. Thank you so much for ALL your hard work in helping me with my Visa and making all the extra arrangements.

Thanks also to providing me with the car service from Moscow. Elena’s sister was waiting for me (and I got in early) and made sure I was settled in the hotel. Elena herself was a fantastic tour guide. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to the Moscow Travel Bureau about Elena and her sister. .


Also, the Moscow Metropol and St. Petersburg hotel were wonderful. The service was particularly good at the St. Petersburg hotel.

Thanks again for a momentous trip.

Lisa Duke.


  06 Aug 2012

Estimada Elena :

Quería agradecerte por la atención que brindaron a los pasajeros Ghersi quienes han retornado muy impresionados por todo el viaje.

En especial a Natasha que para el Dr Ghersi ha sido la mejor guía que ha tenido en toda su vida!!! Aprecio mucho la hayas podido contactar y te pido le envíes mis saludos.

El viaje se planeó en pocos días pero gracias a tu profesionalismo pudimos superar las expectativas de un cliente tan importante con él.

Nuevamente gracias y mis saludos

Rosa María Risco

 17 July 2012

Dear Yulia and Veronica,

Thank you so much for all your help with the Thompsons’ file, your patience and constructive ideas. You did a SUPERB JOB! The clients loved their trip, their guides, drivers, and all the meticulous planning you put into it!!! The Stroganov palace curator was a great success!

I sincerely appreciate all your efforts and feel fortunate to have you as my partners.
Following is the Thompsons’ e-mail for your review.

Natasha Tichy
"Frontiers travel"

We wanted to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed our recent journey to Russia. We greatly appreciate the excellent job you did in planning our itinerary and making all arrangements for us.

We also want you to know how much we liked both the guides (Luba in Moscow, Lena in St. Petersburg) and the drivers (Alexander in Moscow, Oleg in St. Petersburg) in the two cities. Alexander and Oleg were fantastic drivers, who were extremely polite, prompt, and ensured that we were always comfortable in their cars. Both Luba and Lena were exceptionally knowledgeable about the sights and historical events. Further, they were helpful, courteous and professional throughout our visit. In fact, both of them did research at home in order to respond to questions for which they did not automatically know the answer. For instance, I described some berries that I had seen in the grocery store one evening to Luba and asked her to tell me what type of berries. Her response was that she did not know the English translation for the name of the berries. The next day, Luba told me that she had looked it up and it was gooseberries. Luba also went to great extents to ensure that the items we purchased were authentic and of the highest quality.

Thanks again,
Alexis and Bud Thompson

  06 July 2012

Dear Veronica, here is what Mr. Deane sent me:

"Our guide in St. Petersburg named Natasha, and the non-english speaking driver, Eugene, were terrific. I think getting to spend 2.5 days with Natasha to compare notes on growing up in communism and hearing about peristroika was a real highlight. The Hotel Grand Europe was fabulous and we were treated like, well, royalty. The itinerary for St. Petersburg was very well planned and I would not have changed it. The ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre was magical."


Director Uniquely Europe Division

 06 July 2012

Hi Veronica,

My apologies for not contacting you earlier as I caught a bad cold on the way home.

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on the program that you developed for us as it was very extensive and gave us a great overview of Moscow.

Secondly I would like to compliment you on your guide, Nouva (please excuse my spelling of her name). She was an excellent guide and looked after us very well. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and overall a credit to your company.

I have spoken to a number of friends since we arrived back in Australia and have said that we have an excellent contact, being your good self, to show them Moscow should they decide to go there.

Overall it was very enjoyable and thank you for organising for us.

Darian Hielscher

  25 June 2012

Dear Veronica,

Our clients are starting to arrive home and contacting us to say what a great time they had in Russia – thank you to you and your team for all the work you did on our behalf.

Many thanks & kind regards

 22 June 2012

Zdravstvuite, Lena,

Spasibo bol`shoe za pomosh` v organizacii tura po Moskve June 20. Vsem vsyo ponravilos` i vsyo proshlo ochen` horosho. Hochu vurazit` blagodarnost` nashemu gidu Lene Volkovoi - vsegda raduet kogda chelovek otnositsya k svoei rabote ne prosto kak k vupolneniu kakih-to oplachivaemuh obyazannostei, a deistvitel`no tvorcheski podhodit k svoei deyatel`nosti. Imenno blagodarya ei vse yapontcu ostalis` ochen` dovol`nu.

Spasibo eshyo raz.

Mikhail Chernov

02 June 2012

Dear Veronica,

Hope all is well. We had a fantastic trip and enjoyed every moment. Thank you for all your hard work. I have attached 2 photos - one with you prior to our departure from the hotel in Moscow (some of the members are missing) and the other with the entire group of 12 of us. Kindly acknowledge receipt of the same.

Best regards,
Ventours travel company

 02 April 2012 Добрый день, Вероника!

Спасибо большое за содействие в организации транспортного обслуживания - и мы, и наши гости из Дании остались исключительно довольны работой водителей и помощью с Вашей стороны.

С уважением,

Жанна Маркова

Посольство Дании 
14 February 2012

Dearest Veronica,

You cannot believe how grateful I am for the days in SPB. It was more than wonderful, we got back home full of memories. The girls were more than nice, I felt very spoiled.

If you manage to talk to them and of course to Elena, let them know that they are allways welcome in Budapest and that I have no enough words to

Kisses and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!



Trivent Conference Office

14 February 2012 Dear Veronica,

I want to thank you personally very much for your cooperation and perfect assistance to our small group of VIP’s. They were all very satisfied with EVERYTHING !.

And I want to thank you for taking me around Moscow to visit Hotels : I sincerely hope to have clients for Krugozor soon !.

Thank you again and very warm regards

Diego Mazzonis

Interplanet tours, Rome
12 February 2012

Dorogie Monika, Elena and Veronika,
I take this opportunity to thank you all from our team for an exceptionally excellent work you have done for these two events in February 2011 and 2012.

We all and I personally extremely appreciate your quick, professional, flexible and friendly approach.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Natalia Zabrodotskaya
European Commission to Russia

08 February 2012 Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the visit to Moscow. In spite of BMI's attempts to mess it up, maybe even this was a blessing in disguise as the meal at the Godunov Restaurant was probably far more interesting than dinner in the hotel! Many thanks to Peter and Elena for looking after us so well and with such good humour. And, after sitting outside in sub zero temperatures for hours, coming back to the weather here seems quite tame.

Thanks for all the organization and please pass on our thanks to all concerned.


Travel plus tours
07 February 2012

Good morning young Lady

All the group returned last evening from a WONDERFUL weekend in Moscow.

Once again you and your company have been superb......truly the very best
Please thank everyone involved in making the tour so successful....but most of all to you !!

Thanks so much


03 December 2011 Dear Ines,

I would like to thank you again for all your help. The fair was quite successful, with the aid of Anastasia. She is very sharp, quick, clever and a good asset for any company.

I wish you success in the future.

Kind regards,

Diana Bobu
18 October 2011

Добрый день, Инесса и Вероника.

Спасибо большое за поддержку и помощь в работе во время мероприятия.

Прошу прощения за неоднократные изменения и поздние звонки. Все остались очень довольны.

Заранее спасибо.

С уважением,

Diana Yakovleva
Manager Logistics
ILS Logistics

 25 September 2011 Hi Veronica and Ines

I just wanted to thank you for taking very good care of our clients while

they were there last week. They really enjoyed Russia and your guides.
Appreciate everything!!!!

Thank you.

Jie Sin

 06 June 2011


As a solo traveller from Australia, organising a trip to the Russian Federation and specific tours whilst I was over there was never going to be easy.
However, the process was made so much easier by having a reliable and efficient travel agency in Moscow. I found such an agency in the Krugozor Travel Bureau.

I knew nothing about the Krugozor Travel Bureau before I came across its website when I was surfing the net looking for a travel agency which could organise specialist space tours in the Russian Federation.

My email contact with the Bureau was always met with prompt and helpful replies. It was essential that I could communicate in English with the staff of the Bureau. All of the staff members that I dealt with possessed first class English language skills.

The tours which the Bureau organised for me in April 2011 were excellent, as was the English speaking guide who was assigned to me by the Bureau.

I thoroughly commend the Krugozor Travel Bureau to anyone travelling to the Russian Federation from a foreign country. I would especially like to thank Veronica Botvinik, whose organisational skills and English language skills are impeccable.

Michael Saies

  26 May 2011 Dear Veronica
All went well with MBA study tour with USC
You were great to work with, I know last minute there are many changes.
It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Will be back with you for further business I hope soon!


Crown International Travel
Roxanne Roth
Group Operations Manager

As a solo traveller from Australia, organising a trip to the Russian Federation and specific tours whilst I was over there was never going to be easy.

However, the process was made so much easier by having a reliable and efficient travel agency in Moscow. I found such an agency in the Krugozor Travel Bureau.

I knew nothing about the Krugozor Travel Bureau before I came across its website when I was surfing the net looking for a travel agency which could organise specialist space tours in the Russian Federation.

My email contact with the Bureau was always met with prompt and helpful replies. It was essential that I could communicate in English with the staff of the Bureau. All of the staff members that I dealt with possessed first class English language skills.

The tours which the Bureau organised for me in April 2011 were excellent, as was the English speaking guide who was assigned to me by the Bureau.

I thoroughly commend the Krugozor Travel Bureau to anyone travelling to the Russian Federation from a foreign country. I would especially like to thank Veronica Botvinik, whose organisational skills and English language skills are impeccable.

Michael Saies


17 February  2011


Dear Monika, Elena and Veronika!

I would like to send my enormous gratitude for your excellent work and friendly support yesterday and all the days before the seminar!

It is my great pleasure to work with you!

We will stay in touch for the next event in St. Petersburg.

and I do hope we will have much more opportunities to work together in the future.

Please pass my thank you to other colleagues who held us for yesterday's event!

 6 February 2011 "Good's Moscow today?

I have just spoken with my man David when he returned from the Sunday racing.

he..and our clients were extremely impressed with your Eleanor who has looked after the tour. She has been superb, attending to every part with great enthusiasm and ability. All done with a nice smile which made our clients feel very special.

Please do take time to thank Eleanor on behalf of my Company, David and my clients.

Your arrangements and attention tod detail have once again proved to be exceptional..and we do thank you most sincerely for your great care and professionalism.

I have some good ideas for 2012....I will be in touch.

My sincerest thanks again



27 January 2011 "Dear Alla,

Hope you are well.

Just today I got some feedback from the Medical Group, and they mentioned that everything was fabulous, they enjoyed all the services provided and they highly commended the two guides they had.

Many thanks for arranging this unique program for them and for all your help.


Yula Geredov
Tours Manager"

Beyond Travel