Incentive sample Moscow

Cathedral of Christ the Savior


The Cathedral of Christ the Savior located in the very heart of the capital, founded in 1812, fully destructed in 1931, and now being completely reconstructed represents the magnificent cathedral complex that houses modern meeting facilities to held various social events or conferences.

Events: conferences, gala dinner, concerts of choirs or classical music, etc.

The Hall of Church Councils: up to 1250 persons.
The Conference Hall: up to 130 persons.
The Refectory Chambers: up to 1500 persons.


Gostinny Dvor


Description: Gostinny Dvor is one of the most interesting architecture monuments of Moscow, located in the very heart of it 150 m away from the Kremlin. The history of the Old Gostinny Dvor starts in late XVIII century, when according to the order of Catherine the Great and the project of the famous Italian architect Jacomo Quarengi, Gostinny Dvor is being rebuilt and the former trade rows are transformed to the building of strict and refined architecture, which becomes then a new adornment of Moscow and remains at the same time one of the main trade places. The marvelous project of Quarengi was made a reality by the Russian architects Egotov I., Karin S., Selikhov V.

The main place to held any events is the granite-paved inner yard – atrium of about 12 000 square meters. It is domed by the light translucent covering, the largest of the architecture monuments of Europe.
Events: exhibition, gala dinner, cocktail, presentation party, fashion show.
Gostinny Dvor: seated dinner up to 2000 persons.


Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe


The central part of the
Museum-Estate Arhangelskoe represents the expansive park (occupying 14 hectares).
Two Terraces, the Upper and the Lower were created according to the project of the Italian architect D. Trombaro and redecorated in 1829 by the architect V. Dregalov.

The Upper Terrace of the regular park is situated to the south of the palace. It’s equal in width to the Great Palace (70 m). The Upper Terrace is surrounded by the high walls of larches, planted in 1820s. In the center there’s a sculpture ensemble “Hercules and Antej” in the axled path. There are marble vases on the terrace balustrade, and the statues of women decorating the staircase in its middle, together with figures of lions and dogs.

In the center of the Lower Terrace park composition there’s a fountain “Cupid with dolphins” of Italian work, to the side of the stalls there are sculptures “Diana with a doe” and “Apollo of Belvedere” (copies of antiques). The Lower Terrace, twice as long as (153 m) and three times as narrow (24 m) as the Upper one frames the bottom of the palace. The balustrade of the Lower Terrace is decorated with 44 marble busts of antique heroes, philosophers, emperors and military leaders – thus, of the famous men of the past. The staircase goes down to the Lower Terrace to the Green grass-carpet stalls. It makes the grotto with the paired emblems at the entrance, and in the heart of the grotto there’s an XVIII century marble copy of the antique Venus de’Medici.

Events: gala dinner, cocktail, presentation party.
”Cladovaya nad Ovragom”: seated dinner
up to 50 persons.
The Colonnade: seated dinner
up to 60-70 persons.
The Upper Terrace: seated dinner
up to 200 persons.
The Lower Terrace: seated dinner
up to 2500 persons.


State Historical Museum


Description:In the State Historical Museum founded in 1872 and located in the very heart of Moscow in Red Square, three halls are housed: the Paradniye Seni, painted in Russian style with huge oak tree doors looking out to Red Square; The number 40 Hall, with its magnificent view of  Red Square and the Polovetsky Dvorik Hall with prehistoric idols and cars of Rols-Roys brand which were used by Lenin.
Events: gala dinner, cocktail, presentation party.
The Paradniye Seni Hall: seated dinner up to 125 persons.
The number 40 Hall: seated dinner up to 150 persons.
The Polovetsky Dvorik Hall: seated dinner up to 100 persons.
- Visiting the museum before the event with a glass of champagne.
- Classic and folklore music shows.
- The doors colorful throwing open to Red Square during the event.
Tsereteli Gallery

In the Tsereteli Gallery, the gallery of the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli who has created the monument to Peter the Great, and the sculptures based in Manezhnaya Square and etc., the Apple hall is housed. The hall boasts the various Zurab’s sculptures, the marvelous bas-relief on the walls and the huge Apple in the hall centre rising above to the high glass dome.

Events: gala dinner, cocktail, presentation party, fashion show.
The Apple Hall: seated dinner
up to 500 persons.
- Visiting the museum before the event.
- Any entertainment program.

Star City


Description:“Star City” stands for the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre. It lies at a 50 kilometre distance to the surburbs of Moscow. The place appeared in the early 1960s as part of the Soviet Air Force. Since then the Star City has grown enormously. 10.000 people live and work here today. The Star City's experience in training astronauts from all over the world makes it really invaluable for the International Space Station. More than 60 foreign cosmonauts have taken special training courses here. The Star City, which once was a top secret establishment, is now open for visitors and offers a great range of entertainment services.
Main attractions:
The exact copy of the orbiting space station Mir, drowned in the Pacific Ocean.

Hydro laboratory. The huge 12 m deep pool with the diameter of 23 m contains the models of orbiting space stations as well as the space ship “Soyuz” on the very bottom. Here cosmonauts train before being launched into the outer space and learn to live and work in the conditions of zero-gravity.

The biggest in the world space centrifuge to model overcharging.