Tsar Peter the Great and his city

Day Description
DAY 1: Arrival transfer, porterage
Orientation tour on the way
DAY 2: The city tour including the cabin of Peter the Great.
The log cabin is the first building in St Petersburg, was constructed in May 1703. The exhibition of the museum contains some personal belongings of Peter the Great, home utensils of early 18th century.

The Peter and Paul fortress founded by Peter in May 1703. The summer palace and summer garden of Peter the Great. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful palace-and-park complexes of St Petersburg created under the personal guidance of tsar Peter.
The adornment of the summer garden is the unique collection of the decorative park marble sculpture representing the work of the best Italian masters of the 17th and early 18th century.

DAY 3: The park-and-palace ensemble Peterhof.
Peterhof is the world famous country residence of the Russian tsars located on the Gulf of Finland, was founded by tsar Peter. Hundreds of fountains and golden statues surround palaces – Russia’s answer to Versailles.
Visit Monplaiser, Peter’s favorite little palace built to his own sketches.