Painting Russia in St. Petersburg

Day Description
DAY 1: Arrival transfer, porterage
Orientation tour on the way
DAY 2: The State Russian Museum, the country’s first state museum of Russian art, founded in 1895 and opened in March 1898, today is the largest museum of Russian fine art numbering about 400,000 exhibits

The Repin memorial museum Penates, the countryside Penates is the unique monument of Russian culture of XIXth and early XX century. The living rooms and the studio of the great painter are preserved, over 100 paintings and pieces of graphic art are exhibited, one of the park’s alley leads to the artist grave. Museum is situated in the Repino settlement on the shore of Finsky bay in 1 hour of drive from St. Petersburg.

DAY 3: The Museum of Russian Academy of Fine Arts
One of the oldest Russian art museums, it gives the history of Russian academic and soviet schools of painting.

The Museum of non-conformist art
This museum collects and exhibits the contemporary Russian art, organize conceptual exhibition of modern artists.