Revolutionary St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad

Day Description
DAY 1: Arrival transfer, porterage
Orientation tour on the way
DAY 2: The city tour, including the Finland railway station and the Lenin Square and monument to Lenin

Visit The Aurora Cruiser, the exhibition is displayed in 6 halls reveals the history of the cruiser and its role in October 1917.

Lunch at the restaurant Lenin’s Mating call.
Lenin would no doubt turn in his grave if he visited this soviet-kitsch soft porn theme restaurant, the red and gold interior has busts of Lenin and former soviet leaders speaking on TVs in between soft porn clips. The menu includes Soviet food and Anti soviet food.

Visit Smolny Institute – headquarters of the October revolution. The assembly hall of Smolny where the historic meeting of All-Russia Congress of Soviets declared Soviet power. Lenin’s first study in Smolny and his living room now a museum.

DAY 3: The State Museum of Political History of Russia.
Located in Kshesinskaya mansion founded in 1919 as The Museum of Great October Socialist evolution, today the display occupies 27 halls and covers three centuries of Russian history. It is filled with old Soviet propaganda, has a unique collection of Soviet posters. Real artifacts help bring soviet history from the revolutions, to NEP, to Stalin’s Purges, and to World war II – to life.