Flight training program

Training, acquisition of piloting skills If you’re willing to fly a jet airplane, if you’re not limited in time and money, you can have a training course on piloting a jet. After you finish the training program you’ll be granted a flight certificate confirming your qualification to fly a jet.

Flights: MiG-29

To fly on supersonic speed, to see the Earth from towering height, to feel velocity and flight dynamics – it’s not necessary to be a professional pilot to experience all that! Our company offers you an incredible opportunity to carry out the flight on modern supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 with performance of higher aerobatics.

Flights: L-39

Our company offers you breathtaking flights on high-performance jet trainer aircraft L-39 Albatros. Its advantages are that it is considerably easy to fly and at the same time with all types of aerobatics possible.

Полеты в невесомость!