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Treasure Hunt in Moscow on the Theme of James Bond:
Follow the footsteps of James Bond through the streets of Moscow on a real Cold-War spy adventure. An undercover Russian Babushka gives you the first instructions to the teams in the Red Square. The “James Bond Theme” treasure hunt takes you on a whirlwind tour of some of Moscow’s most famous sights as well as more sinister corners of the city, such as the infamous KGB Headquarters. You will also get to explore a real Russian bathhouse, or “banya”, once a favorite meeting place of the spies, you will drink a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) in a shady little Moscow bar. The grand finale will be a “spies convention” in WW2 Bunker where all the participants will toast to their espionage exploits during a feast of vodka and caviar

Spy game on Limos ( This is combination of a city tour with the elements of spy game tasks )

Starting point - Briefing in the hotel by KGB colonel KGB badges





Tour of the city fulfilling the following tasks

Red square. Taking three pictures of the main sights (the description is in the manual)Meeting the spy - lookie-likie of Marx and Lenin – the spy will have a message with the next task




Novodevichy convent cemetery – the task is to take a picture of three famous graves ( Khruschev, Gorbacheva Raisa, Chekov)The spy will be somewhere next to the graves and they will get a message secretly while taking a picture)




Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer – the task is to take certain pictures from the observation platform of the cathedral and to spot a spy selling postcards. There will get your next message









Hill of glory. The task is spot a spy and to find a well hidden container where the next task will be






Bakery Buying a bread from the store – the task in hidden inside the bread stick









Metro station visit. The task is to find an agent with a news paper “Pravda”






Preparation with all the entrance fees and manuals -

Limo services

Maximum capacity of limos – 8 pax

Guide service (1 guide for 1 team of 8 pax)

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